Prepositions (Praepositiones)

The circumflex accent ( ) is used to denote the length of the vowels.

Prepositions with Accusative
with Ablative
ad to(ward), till
advers|us (-um)  against
ante before
apud at, by, near
circa around
circum around
contra against
erga opposite (friendly)
extra outside of
infra below
inter between
intra within, inside
juxta close to
ob for the sake of, right before
penes in the hands of
per through, by
pone behind
post behind, after
praeter besides, except
prope  near
propius = prope
propter near; by means of
proximus = prope
secundum according to, next to
supra above, beyond, over
trans beyond, across, over
ultra beyond, more than
versus toward
a (ab, abs) from, by (agent)
coram in the presence of
cum with
de (down) from
e (ex)  out of, from, because of
prae before, in front
pro for
sine without
with Accusative and Ablative
in in, into
sub under, beneath
subter under
super over

See also Origin of the Prepositions in the Modern Romance Languages.

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