The circunflected accents are used to mark long vowels.

1. Dative of the Indirect Object (Dativus objecti indirecti)

It indicates the object or the person to which or to whom something is done. It is used:

a) at the verbs dare to give, donâre to bestow, prodesse to be useful, profit, nocêre to harm, injure, imperâre to command, rule over etc.

b) at the verbs favêre to favor, parcere to spare, suadêre to induce, advise, persuadêre to persuade, convince, medêri to heal, cure, nubere to marry, be married to, studêre to be eager for, busy oneself with etc., which in English are constructed with direct object.

c) with the adjectives utilis useful, inutilis useless, noxius harmful, noxious, gratus pleasing, ingratus unpleasant, amicus friendly, inimicus unfrendly, similis like, similar, dissimilis unlike, dissimilar, par equal, impar unequal, dispar disparate, proximus nearer, closer, finitimus neighboring, bordering:

d) at the verbs that begin with the prefixes ad-, ante-, co- (con-), in-, inter-, ob-, sub-, super-, post-, prae-: e) with some verbs that are used wit the accusative also and change their meaning depending on the case:
Verb Meaning with Dative Meaning with Accusative
caveo, cavi, 2 take care, beware guard against, beware of
metuo, ui, 2 fear for smb, sth fear smb, sth
timeo, ui, 2 fear for smb, sth fear smb, sth
consulo, sului, sultus, 2 look out for take advice of
prospicio, spexi, spectus, 3 look out for see far off, foresee
provideo, visi, 2 look out for see far off, foresee
2. Dative of the benefit and harm (Dativus commodi et incommodi)

It denotes the person or the object to whose benefit or harm something is done:

It is used with the interjection vae woe:

3. Dative of agent (Dativus auctoris sive personae)

4. Possessive Dative (Dativus possessivus)

5. Dative of Purpose (Dativus finalis)

6. Double Dative (Dativus duplex)

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