Nominative (Nominativus)

The circumflex accent (^) is used to mark the long vowels.
1. Nominative of the Subject (Nominativus Subjecti)

    Denotes the subject ot the verb:
      Charta non erubescit.
      Paper does not redden.

2. Nominative of the Complement (Nominativus Praedicati)

    Denotes the Subject complement, as in:
        Cognomen habuit Corvinus.
        He had the surname of Corvinus = They called him Corvinus.

3. Double Nominative (Nominativus Duplex)

    It is formed by the Nominative of the Subject and the Nominative of the Complement. It is used:

    a) with the auxiliary verb esse to be:
      Vesta dea est.
      Vesta is a goddess.

    b) with verbs as:

        Is vixi beatus.
        He lived happy.

    c) with the passive forms of verbs as:

        Scipio Africanus appellatur.
        Scipion is called Africanus.

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