The Plural of Nouns and Adjectives
in Gascon, Limousin, Auvergnat

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  1. General rule: plural is made by adding -s to the words, cf.:
  2. The words terminated in singular by -s, -ç, -tz, -x, -z remain unchanged in plural, cf.:
In Limousin and Northern Auvergnat the plural mark -s is mute, but it modifies the pronunciation of the final syllable, cf.:
Some Vivaro-Alpine dialects form plural in the same manner as Limousin and Auvergnat. Some others are influenced by Provençal, Pieedmontese and Ligurian.

The Gascon of Val d'Aran forms feminine plural in -es (rota : rotes) and some masculine plurals  in -i (which corresponds to -es in Languedocian, cfaranés : aranesi versus Langedocien aranés : araneses).

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