The Plural of Nouns and Adjectives in Niçois dialect

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  1. General rule: plural is made by adding -s to the words, cf.:
  3. The words terminated in singular by -s, -ç, -tz, -x, -z remain unchanged in plural, cf.:
  5. The feminine adjectives in -a form plural in -i, cf.:
  6. Note that:
    1. after a, è, u is written to be marked the hiatus, cf.:

    2. famoa : famoï,
      europèa : europèï,
      assidua : assiduï;
    3. the finale -ça, -ja, -tja, -ga, -ca give -ci, -gi, -tgi, -gui, -qui, cf.:

    4. fugaça : fugaci,
      roja : rogi,
      ferotja : ferotgi,
      larga : largui,
      magica : magiqui.
  7. A few masculine adjectives and pronouns form plural in -u or -i, cf.:
    1. aqueu : aquelu,

    2. aquest : aquestu,
      eu : elu;
    3. tot : toi,

    4. pichon : pichoi.

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