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Irregular Verbs


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      1st Conjugation      

  • Anar to go 
  • Donar to give 
  • Estar to be, to stay 
  • Menysprear to despise 
  • Torçar to twirl, turn 
  • Trencar to break 
      2nd Conjugation      
  • Absoldre to absolve 
  • Aprendre to learn, study 
  • Beure to drink 
  • Cabre to contain, admint  
  • Caldre it is necessary that  
  • Caure to fall 
  • Conèixer to know, to meet 
  • Córrer to run 
  • Coure to cook 
  • Créixer to grow up 
  • Creure to believe, think 
  • Desfer to undo, defeat 
  • Dir to say 
  • Doldre to ache 
  • Dur to carry 
  • Encendre to light 
  • Escriure to write 
  • Ésser (Ser) to be 
  • Fer to do, make  
  • Fotre to fuck 
  • Haver to have (aux.) 
  • Jeure to lie 
  • Moure to move 
  • Néixer (Nàixer) to be born 
  • Poder can, may 
  • Prendre to take  
  • Rebre to receive 
  • Resoldre to resolve 
  • Riure to laugh 
  • Romandre to remain 
  • Rompre to break 
  • Saber to know  
  • Seure to sit down  
  • Soler to be accustomed to 
  • Tòrcer to twirl, turn 
  • Treure to fetch, withdraw 
  • Valer to be worth 
  • Vèncer to vanquish, win over 
  • Vendre to sell 
  • Veure to see 
  • Viure to live 
  • Voler to want 
      3rd Conjugation        
  • Collir to gather  
  • Cosir to sew  
  • Escopir to sew 
  • Eixir to go out 
  • Fugir to flee, run away 
  • Lluir to light up, shine 
  • Morir to die 
  • Obrir to open 
  • Oir to hear 
  • Reeixir to succeed 
  • Sortir to go out 
  • Tenir to have, possess 
  • Tossir to cough  
  • Venir to come 

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