Prepositions (Prépositions)

See the Origin of the Prepositions in the modern Romance languages.
See the List of the prepositions in Classical Latin.
à to, toward
après after
attendu having in mind
avant before; in the presence of
avec with
chez at, beside, with
concernant concerning
contre against; in exchange for
dans in(to), inside, within
de of; from; about; by (agent)
dedans inside
de dessous from below
de dessus from the top
dehors abroad, out, outside
delà (old) longer than (space)
depuis from, since
derrière behind, after
dessous (old) below, downstairs
dessus on top, overhead, upstairs
dévant before, in front of
dévers (old) = vers
dès from, since
durant for, during, while, whilst
en in, inside, within
en avant aforehead
entre between
envers (old) in front of; toward(s)
environ (old) by (time)
excepté except for
fors (old) = hors
hormis (old) except for
hors out(side)
jouxte (old) near
jusque until
les (lès) (lez) (old) near, close to
moyénnant by the means of
nonobstant despite, in spite of
outre over, exceedingly
par per, throrough, by (agent)
par delà over there
par-derrière by the backside
par-dessous by the lower part
par-dessus by the top
parmi among, between
passé after, past
pendant for, during, while, whilst
pour for; to
près nearby
proche (old) (dial.) nearby
selon according to
suivant according to
sans without
sauf without, except for
sous below, under, beneath
suivant according to
sur over, above; about
touchant (old) concerning, about
vers to, toward(s)
vu having in mind

The prepositions a and de have contracted forms with the articles le and les: au, aux and du, des.

See General Notes on the French Prepositions.

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