The Reichenau Glosses
The Reichenau glosses to the Vulgate Bible of St. Jerome are called so because they formerly belonged to the abbey of Reichenau, on an island in Lake Constance, Germany. It is supposed that they are compiled in the 8th century.

The vocabulary of the Reichenau glosses appears to be French in flavour (e.g., arenam sand glossed by sabulo, French sable; vespertiliones bats, by calvas sorices, French chauvesouris), and some words of Frankish origin appear (e.g., scabrones beetles is glossed by wapces wasps, respectant they look about by rewardant).

The glosses provide some evidence of morphological simplification (e.g., saniore healthier is glossed by plus sano more healthy and cecinit he sang by cantavit), but for the most part only lexical items are regarded as meriting comment.

I. Manuscript of Karlsruhe 115
A. List of Words that are to replace the corresponding Classic Latin words in French:
B. Words implying a series of analogies:
C. Germanic loan-words:
D. Words with new meanings:
II. Manuscript of Karlsruhe 86 (84 glosses only)
III. A diploma of the 8th century: Formulæ Andecavenses

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