Prepositions (Preposicions)

See the Origin of the Prepositions in the modern Romance languages.
See the List of the prepositions in Classical Latin.
a to, toward
abans before, in the presence of
a cò de + possessive at, to
al lòc de instead of
amb with
après after, afterwards
cap towards
contra against; in exchange for
darrièr behind
daus towards
davant before, in the presence of
de of; from; about
dejós below, beneath, under
despuèi from, since
detràs behind, after
dèus towards
dins in, inside, within
en cò de + possessive at, to
entre between
fins till, until
jos below, beneath, under
per for, to, in order to
segon according to
sens without
sobre over, above; about
sota below, under, beneath
sus over, above; about
tras behind, after
vèrs towards
The prepositions a, de, jos, per, sus, have contracted forms with the masculine definite article el: al, del, jol, pel, sul.


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