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Descriptive Grammar of 
the Standard Rumanian Language
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    Phonetics and Orthography Morphology
  • Noun(Substantivul) 

  • Gender of the Nouns (Genul Substantivelor)
    Plural of the Nouns (Plural Substantivelor)
      Plural of the masculine nouns 
      Plural of the feminine nouns 
      Plural of the neuter nouns
        Plural of the Compound nouns (Plural ale Substantivelor compuse)
        Pluralia tantum 
        Singularia tantum 
        Doublet forms in plural (Formele dublete de plural)
    Use of the nouns with articles (Articularea Substantivelor)
    Declination of the Nouns (Declinarea Substantivelor)
  • Adjective (Adjectivul) 

  • Gender and Number of the Adjectives (Genul și Numărul Adjectivelor)
      Adjectives of one form 
      Adjectives of two forms 
      Invariable Adjectives 
    Formation of the feminine (Formarea femininului)
    Plural of the Adjectives (Plural Adjectivelor)
    Declination of the Adjectives (Declinarea ale Adjectivelor)
    Degrees of Comparison (Gradele de Comparație)
      Comparative degree (Gradul Comparativ)
      Superlative degree (Gradul Superlativ)
      Irregular degrees
  • Adverbs (Adverbul) 

  • List of Basic Adverbs 
    Derived Adverbs 
    Degrees of Comparison (Gradele de Comparație)
      Comparative degree (Gradul Comparativ)
      Superlative degree (Gradul Superlativ)
    Adverbials (Locuțiunile adverbiale)
  • Determiners (Determinanți) 

  • Articles (Articule)
    Possessive Adjectives (Adjectivele Posesive)
    Demonstrative Adjectives (Adjectivele Demonstrative)
    Interrogative Adjectives (Adjectivele Interogative)
    Indefinite Adjectives (Adjectivele Nedefinite)
  • Pronouns (Pronumele) 

  • Personal and Reflexive Pronouns (Pronumele Personele și Reflexive)
    Possessive Pronouns (Pronumele Posesive)
    Demonstrative Pronouns (Pronumele Demonstrative)
    Relative Pronouns (Pronumele Relative)
    Interrogative Pronouns (Pronumele Interogative)
    Indefinite Pronouns (Pronumele Nedefinite)
    Negative Pronouns (Pronumele Negative)
  • Numerals (Numeralele)  
  • Prepositions (Prepoziție) 

  • Prepositionals (Locuțiunile prepozitive)
  • Verb (Verbul) 

  • Tenses (Timpurile)
    Passive voice (Diateza pasivă)
    Reflexive voice (Diateza reflexivă)
    Irregular verbs 
  • Conjunctions and Linking Adverbials (Conjuncție și Locuțiuni conjuncționale) 

  • Coordinative Conjunctions (Conjuncție Coordinatoare)
    Subordinative Conjunctions (Conjuncție Subordinatoare)
    Linking words
  • Interjections (Interjecție) 


  • Sentence structure  
  • Usage of the Cases 
  • Usage of the Articles  
  • Placement of the Adjectives  
  • Placement of the Adverbs  
  • Usage of the Pronouns and Determiners  
  • Usage of the Numerals  
  • Usage of the Moods  
  • Usage of the Tenses  
  • Sequence of Tenses  
  • Direct and Indirect Discourse  
  • Type of Clauses  


  • Prefixes  
  • Suffixes  
  • Compound words  

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