The same nouns may be of different genders in Judeo-Spanish and modern Spanish.

Abstract nouns in -or, as kalor heat, kolor color etc., which are masculine in modern Spanish, are feinine in Judeo-Spanish.

To the feminine belong also vientre belly, fin end, klima climate and planeta planet, though they are masculine in modern Spanish.

The words naris nose, senyal sign etc. are masculine in Judeo-Spanish, and feminine in modern Spanish.

Formation of the Plural

The plural is formed usually with the suffix -(e)s.

Many masculines of Jewish origin form their plural with -ím, cf.:

The words in adds -m, cf.: Few nouns of Spanish origin may form their plural with -(e)s or -im, cf.: Some feminine nouns of Jewish origin in form their plural with -ás or -ot, cf.:

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