Manners and Styles of Speech

Phonetic Particularities

There are several phonetic varieties peculiar to the modern Spanish speech in the different regions of the world. Among them are:


The seseo consists in pronouncing the sound [0] (written C / Z) as [s]. This phenomenon occurs mainly in America. It is strongly rebuked by the Spanish Royal Academy.


The pronunciation of the sound [s] (written S) as [0] is labeled ceceo. This phenomenon is characteristic for the people of the Spanish province of Andalusia.


Lleismo is called the archaic pronunciation of Ll as palatalized [] (similar to the English li in milion). This phenomenon occurs exclusively in eastern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Yeismo and *Yeismo

Yeismo refers to the pronunciation of Ll as [j] (like the English y in oyes). This pronunciation is officially upheld by the Spanish Royal Academy.

In Argentina and Uruguay both Y and Ll tend to be pronounced [] (as the English s in measure). This phenomenon is referred to as *yeismo (read zhe-).

Grammar Particularities

Spanish speech has also some varieties concerning the usage of the Personal pronouns.


Laísmo is the wrong usage of the personal direct object pronoun for feminine la (pl. las) instead of the indirect object pronoun le (pl. les), cf.:


Leísmo is the usage of the personal direct object pronoun le as the only form for masculine, cf.:


Loísmo is the wrong usage of the form lo instead of le as a personal indirect object pronoun for masculine, cf.:


Voseo is the usage of the pronoun vos instead of the subject pronoun tú; nevertheless, te is preserved as an object form. The verbal forms, used with vos, have different endings, cf.:
      1st Conjugation 2nd Conjugation 3rd Conjugation
  Present Indicative   cantás comés partís
  Present Subjunctive   cantés comás partás
  Imperative   cantá comé partí

See the Simple tenses.

Voseo occurs in Central America, North-western Venezuela, Northern Colombia, Northern Ecuador, the major part of Bolivia and Paraguay, in Argentina and Uruguay.

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