Portuguese Dialects
  • A -- Northern limit of the sounded fricatives "z" and "j" (as written).
  • B -- Southern limit of preservation of the "ei" diphtong (below this line it turns [e], but not in Lisbon.
  • C -- Southern and occidental limits of the apico-alveolar "s".
  • D -- Southern limit of preservation of "ou" diphtong.
  • E -- Frontier between "ch" as [t] (north) and [] (south).
  • F -- Northern limit of the distinction between [b] and [v].
  • G -- western limit of intervocalic "n" and "l" preserved (as luna vs. lua).
Nova Gramática do Português Contemporâneo, de Celso Cunha e Lindley Costa.
This dialectical map of Brasil, prepared by Brasilian linguists, claims to be the first essay in this field. 

The large dialectal regioins are subdivided in smaller speach forms, as:

  • the speech of Recife region in Pernambuco (PE);
  • the speech of the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ);
  • the speech in the interior of the state of São Paulo (SP);
  • the speaches in the southern states (PR, SC and RS).

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